Happy Birthday Virgo!


Virgos often get a bad rap. Am I right, fellow earth-mercurians?
As a smack-dab-in-the-middle of the sun sign period, card-carrying, no-denying-it Virgo myself, I was dismayed at most of the things I heard I was destined to be growing up.

I read things like this – “Virgo: the virgin. Overly Analytical, Modest, Logical, Sensible, Systematic, Intelligent, Practical, Responsible, Resilient, Good with budgeting, Focused, Self-Critical, Tidy, Hardworking…”
(Mind you, I’m not saying any of those are untrue, nor negative traits necessarily. But compared to most other signs… well, it’s a snoozefest of a description.)

Job predictions were even worse! Here’s one of those dreaded ‘top 10’ lists the interwebs are so fond of. To sum the list up, the big hitters are (and I don’t think these have changed since the lists I read when I was a child):
Tax Auditor (oh yikes!)
Professional Housecleaner (well, a girl can dream, right?!)
Executive Assistant
Welder (hm. okay…)

Before anyone gets upset because their profession is listed – just like the traits – I’m not saying these are ‘bad’ professions, or unsavory, or not valuable. They just held nothing – simply nothing – of interest for me.
And for a little girl growing up wanting nothing more than to be an artist (and dancer) and create create create, and craving some approval from somewhere… well, all this sounded about as dry as saltines in the desert (and equally as enticing).

Now because at least part of me does believe there is something to this astrology thing, I’ve thought about it and read about it and paid attention to it for a lot of years. (Hey, I am a Virgo after all! I analyze. Like I said, those traits aren’t necessarily untrue, they just paint the picture with only a couple of colors in the palette.)

And I think we Virgos have historically suffered a truly bad rap. Visions of schoolchildren, pointing and taunting ‘poor little Virrrrgin, poor crazy, OCD Virrrrgoooo!’ come to mind.nelson

I’d like Virgos to come out of hiding in shame! So what if we aren’t quite the perfect visages we’ve strived to be for so long! Who cares? (only us, that’s who).

It’s time to recognize the cleverness and creativity that can also be present within all that analysis, and attention to detail. I love this little quote here that sums that up nicely.

Fortunately, people seem to have loosened their grip on the old notion that Virgo is super uptight and/or asexual. Selma Hayek, Jason Statham, Beyoncé and James Marsden among many many others have helped squash this worn-out stereotype.

Happy Birthday my fellow Fabulous Virgos! Let your freaky Virgo flag fly proud!
Get excited over that label maker AND also blow some minds with your creative and innovative ideas!

I made the Earth-Sign, Mercury-Ruled Virgo vision (inspired in part by the inimitable Zoe Jakes) above as a gift for and tribute to all my Virgo pals (and there are many – we do like to travel in packs, don’t we? You know who you are) and for those who love us.

Share her, fly her proud, and see her on different stuff here!

Stay tuned for other sun signs representations… I will be adding each sign to make a series…

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