‘Dear-Lord-somebody-get-this-girl-a-tshirt’ Sale

miley12f-1-webSorry… really I am┬áso sorry… I just couldn’t resist, it was right out there

Okay, the real reason for the post is the shirt sale part. Society6 (a great lil’ place that produces original works by artists- like me- and sells them for us on quality stuffs) is running a quickie special on my tee designs!

I don’t have a ton up (yet), but get what you do like now while the shipping is free! It only lasts through Sept 22, midnight Pacific Time

Note: you do need to use this link here to get the deal, rather than just going to the site regular-like.

See those little pretty social buttons below? Share the deal, share the love! That part’s free, too!



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