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“Follow your heart.” “What does your head tell you?” “Listen to your gut…” The notion of these ‘anatomical oracles’ and what those familiar old sayings means fascinates me…  some ideas and experiences inspired me to create the little illustration above, and share a bit about what I’ve found to be true for me…

I have a massage therapist who is more of a healer than simply a body worker. Truly – how she packs so much power and love and light into her tiny elfin-like body is a mystery of science – but she does, and her magical work is crucial to my well being! But I digress… my point was that after each session, she invites me to draw some ‘Angel Cards’ and reflects on their meaning with me.

If you’re unfamiliar with Angel Cards, it’s simple enough. A single word on each small slip of cardstock, with an accompanying little ‘angel’ illustration makes up a ‘deck’. You hold an issue, or question, or some facet of your life forefront in your mind and draw five cards – in this case, out of a little cloth bag – line ’em up, and see what they say to you. Here’s my draw from about a week ago:

AngelCards Aug2013
If you recoil at the mystical, supernatural, or such general spiritual practices, relax… I’m not here to tell you what to believe. Take what you like, and leave the rest.

What I like about these cards is, no matter what comes out of that bag – no matter what my beliefs or what’s going on in life at that moment – something happens, and heart and mind come together in that space to define a meaning– in each provocative word, in the order in which they line up, even in the tiny angel pictures.

Is it guided by something bigger, or just in my own head? Personally, I do believe there’s something bigger at work that brings it all together and leads me to ‘see’ what I see… but does it really matter, if there’s clarity, and melding of heartstrings and brainwaves?

Our Angel Card drawings are one of those moments where some kind of shift happens (call it magical if you will). Somewhere within and between my brain and my heart, there’s space where they meet– and that space holds the seeds of creativity for me, as well as some peace and wisdom.

It doesn’t stay forever.

But it’s happened enough that I know it continually resides in that space, and I can tap back into it if I pay attention.

Mind my heart. Love my mind. Refuel them both, often and generously. For me, that means things like swimming in sun-drenched waters, being sparked by the creativity in others, laughing (or even crying) with Mr. Wonderful, bursting with pride over my dear offspring, being still and meditating… and Angel Cards after a glorious session of body and soul work.

Crunchy? Oh sure, I’ll own that! (After all– my handle at the tattoo shop many moons ago was “Woodstock” – but that’s another story for another time.)

But crunchy or no, I know that within that space of Mind my Heart/Heart my Mind, is where something bigger than me can channel through my work, and where creativity with insight– with purpose– lives. For creatives of all types, our craft- our lives- depends upon it.

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    1. Thank you, Skip! You really made my day this morning, waking up to your comment! I was just telling my in-laws about you this past weekend, and how you opened it all up for me – I’m forever and eternally grateful. Bless you and yours! Love and hugs ~M

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