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Michele Phillips by Jenny Bell Photography
Photo: Jenny Bell Photography.

I’ve always been an artist and known that’s what I wanted to be. It’s true—I made small drawings and sold them to my mom’s friends as early as age 5. I was saving up to buy a Corvette. (I never got that Corvette, but I did have 2 classic Mustangs.)

Looking back: I studied Fine Art at Berry College and at FSU, with a concentration in Illustration. After graduation, I completed my tattoo arts apprenticeship at Artistic Skin Designs in Phoenix, AZ under Jim Watson. I was as designer and senior artist at several corporate houses in the Atlanta area.
Now, I’m very happy to be a full-time freelance professional illustrator and designer living and working in Decatur, GA – a wonderful community of Atlanta that is supportive of artists and artisans.

I’ve worked in many mediums – acrylic, pen & ink, colored pencil and marker, watercolor, photography, digital and mixed media, and oh yes, on skin!
Recently, I’ve specialized in pencil & ink mixed with digital color finishing. I like combining traditional techniques with modern.

I’m inspired by the seen—the natural world of flora and fauna, and the unseen—the mystical, magical and fantasy realms. I think animals are awesome. So, they often feature prominently in my work. (Did I mention I absolutely believe in unicorns?)
Symbols and markings, and the important role they play throughout history and cultures, fascinate me. And I weave symbology into nearly everything I do—sometimes hidden, sometimes prominent, always with meaning. Studying mythology, lore and traditions from all over the world is something I love to do, and I honor those in my work.
I particularly enjoy creating art that tells a story and captures the spirit behind it. Art that the viewer can relate to and make their own, or see themselves in. My work is only a part of the “whole picture”… the other piece is what it stirs within the person seeing it.

As my family taught me to say, like the southern girl I am… “Thanks for stopping’ by, y’all! Come back soon!”

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