I’ve always been an artist and known that’s what I wanted to be. It’s true – I used to make small drawings and sell them to my mom’s friends as early as age 5. I was saving up to buy a Corvette.

Looking back: I studied Fine Art at Berry College and at FSU, with a concentration in Illustration. I did my tattoo arts apprenticeship at Artistic Skin Designs in Phoenix, AZ under Jim Watson. I worked as designer and senior artist at several corporate houses in the Atlanta area. Now, I’m very happy to be a full-time freelance professional Illustrator and Designer living and working in Decatur, GA – a wonderful community of Atlanta that is supportive of artists and artisans.

I have worked in many mediums – acrylic, pen & ink, colored pencil and marker, watercolor, photography, digital and mixed media, and even on skin. (Yes, I was a successful tattoo artist for many years… but that’s another story for another time! There’s some blog entries to be found in those stories for sure.)

Recently, I’ve been specializing in pencil & ink mixed with digital color. I like combining traditional with new. I particularly enjoy creating art that tells a story and captures the spirit behind it.

Design enables me to merge things I love – like typography, great composition, and elements of my illustrator soul – into imagery that defines something and reaches many.

As I was always taught to say as a southern girl… “Thanks for stopping’ by, y’all! Come back soon!”

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