Peonies and Unicorn Tears Pattern Set

Peonies and Unicorn Tears Pattern Set

Peonies and Unicorn Tears:  Surface and pattern florals I painted with my favorites: peonies, ranunculus, spider mums and snapdragons. Oh, and the ghosts of extinct unicorns. Coordinating patterns in ‘Unicorn Tears’ and ‘Tiny Ranunculus’.  The main pattern is a seamless repeat as shown here.

This set is available for licensing, and might show up on some accessories soon (I’ll update here when that happens!)

Here’s a standalone variation of this arrangement I created below, to let someone know how great they are…
(I kept the language PG for website consumption, but I rather prefer letting it be a bit more gritty for grownup applications… I can create this however you like 🙂 )

Freakin' Rockstar Floral

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