Super Succulents Container Gardening Book Cover

Succulent Container Gardening illustration

Super succulents container gardening book cover illustration, with coordinating pattern for back cover, binding, or endpages. Or this art can also be altered and purposed for other things! Contact me for licensing or purchase or customization for your needs.

Originally, I created the art for a tote bag with coordinates for a client. In the end, they chose one of my other options for their product, but I rather loved this little collection and think it’d be just lovely on something else. Given the fact that I indeed did NOT inherit my mother’s amazing green thumb, I imagine a book that I – and my fellow ‘black thumbers’ – could really use. Plus, aren’t succulents just adorable? I’m enamored with their coloring and textures, and any plant that’s an easy keeper is A-OK in my book.

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