Aerial Arts Circus Show Poster (click for full posters and web banner)

Circus Arts Show Event Poster for an annual performance show, illustrated and designed by me, including web banners (see below).
I’ve done a few posters for Dragonfly Aerial and Circus Arts Studios, but I do think this most recent one is my favorite!

Show theme this year is “Dominion,” an ‘animal vs. man’ thread running throughout the event. One of their most beloved and recognizable characters is Cuddles, the ‘tiger’, and Misanimist, the ‘tamer.’ Naturally they were to be featured, but the studio also wanted to showcase a menagerie of fantastic beasts (who would all be represented by performers of various types.) My initial concept was this one, including the unicorn and vintage styled ‘unicorn trainer’ – which the clients loved, but feared some might expect to see a realistic unicorn! So I needed to ‘tame’ it down a bit, so it was clear the animals would be people in costumes. We landed on this fun ‘humanicorn’ (hey, I just made that up!):

And here is the art formatted for web banner for Facebook Event listings and online ads:

Yes! I can most definitely format my works for web needs, and do it all the time! So if you’re looking for someone who can illustrate to fit many needs, you found her.

If you’re in the Knoxville, TN area, do check out Dragonfly Studios – they’re real nice people who really know all manner of aerial and circus arts, and do great work in the community there!

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