What’s In My Bag? Artist’s inside secrets revealed!

Whats In My Bag Illustration

What’s In My Bag? Artist’s inside secrets revealed!

You’ve seen the stars reveal their secrets in countless ‘What’s in Their Bag?’ features – so what better way to give a sneak peek into the mind of an ordinary ol’ artist like me than to draw staples of my bag’s contents – the good, bad, and the ugly? (Yes, the spattered background could very well indicate a presence of DUST. Yikes it’s time to clean this thing out.) I could totally charge for these lifehacks, y’all… but, just for you, I’m offering these gems for FREE for a limited time!
In all seriousness, drawing everyday objects and what they reveal as a collection has been very fascinating. I would love to do more series along these lines. Plus, it allows for some puns and fun, both of which I’m a fan.
This piece was a warmup ‘mini’ for a book concept prompt from Lilla Roger’s Studio MATS Bootcamp. The final concept that came from this is here: a ‘what’s in her bag’ life hack book featuring Amy Poehler.

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