Journal Cover with Geraniums

A journal cover I illustrated with a geranium bouquet, seed pod, and tone-on-tone patterning details.

This piece was created from a loose prompt for a journal cover using geraniums – any style – but with a modern nod to a vintage color palette.
It got me in a ‘roots’ kind of mood: geraniums have always been a staple around my grandmother’s, aunt’s, and mother’s southern porches. So I used a pattern from one of my grandmothers’ gorgeous crocheted tablecloths in the background.
I think she’d be forever pleased with that, as would my mom and aunt.

What does the root imagery and ‘Dig Deep’ message say to you? I’d love to know what it evokes for you.

I also see this as a card, and coordinate patterned gardening or desk items. I’ll add those as finished.

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