Music Festival Poster for Yonkers Waterfront (click to see full poster and web art)

An event poster I created for a live music festival on the Yonkers, NY waterfront. The art was used as appears above, and I also made formats for web and wide print banners that hang above the stage behind the musicians.
For this year’s event, the city decided to include a wide variety of cultural music and styles. So I wanted to represent the broad spectrum of performers and the energy and fun of a waterfront live music show.
If you’re in the Yonkers area, you should check them out– you’re likely to see some of my work representing their many local happenings (and the people are super nice!)

I really love drawing and designing unique event posters. There’s always a variety of interesting things and elements to include, and working closely with local organizations is fun and fulfilling –even when it’s far away! I like to dig into the local scene and culture, and connect with the area; whether I do it remotely, or in person.

Reach out to me if you want me to create art for your event:

Art as Facebook event header image:

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