‘Handy’ Tableware featuring salt and pepper shakers

How fun is this beautiful bad*ss set? I had a ton of fun creating it!

Tableware accessories are such a fun way to personalize decor.
When prompted to make a salt and pepper shaker set in whatever style, type, shape, or mood I wanted, there were so many ideas! But this concept had to be it, hands down (see what I did there? I simply can’t resist wordplay).

‘Salt-n-Pepr’ are the centerpieces – and are actually designed in such a way that if produced as shown, they’d work! But the coordinate vase and finger or pinch bowl are equally intriguing.

I drew upon my tattoo arts background, of course, my love for vintage stylings, icons, and ‘Flow Blue’ vintage china. I envision these with a slight all-over ‘crackle’ that vintage ceramics can acquire. I love combining classic with contemporary in unexpected ways – it’s one of the most fun ways I enjoy creating!

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